May 25, 2006

Chuck Smith Jr. Disaffiliates


After Capo Beach was removed from the main Calvary Chapel links page, its pastor Chuck Smith Jr. made the announcement that he has taken his church out of affiliation with the church group his father founded -- but not without first dissing the church fellowship that made it possible for him to build up a thriving congregation. 

Calvary Chapel's cutting the links to his son occurred after it was discovered that Chuck Jr's editing of his father's book, "When Storms May Come" included questionable contemplative teaching and quotes by Chuck Jr's favorite Emerging Church leaders.  Chuck Jr. explained, "Last year I edited ten of my dad's sermons dealing with life's troubles. Since I was turning oral expository sermons into a book, I reformatted them, took out a lot of filler... and modified statements that were unclear. I also reformatted the prayers, etc. In the process, I included quotes by Len Sweet and Anthony de Mello."  

 Here is a portion of Chuck Jr's statement:


Now to be perfectly honest, I haven't belonged in the Calvary Chapel community for a long time. I identify with early Calvary Chapel (the culturally relevant, rock-n-roll worship, hippie church), but not as much with the institutionalized version today. I've stayed only because of my relationship to my father, whom I love and respect.

Calvary Chapel, as I perceive it is:

  • Fundamentalist--I am not
  • Dispensationalist--I am not
  • Anti-intellectualist (like the warning about not anything written by emergent leaders)--I am not
  • Primitivist--I am not

Officially, we have withdrawn from the Calvary Chapel affiliation, and for the very amicable reason that I (we) seek a breadth of relationships that CC is not willing to accommodate.

--Chuck Smith Jr., May 24, 2006, Tall Skinny blog



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