Rapture Ready Radio: preparing for the rapture, one listener at a time!

Jan Markell at Olive Tree Ministries: Helping you understand current events from a biblical perspective

Radio Free Church -- Speakers include David Hocking, Jacob Prasch, Rick Oliver, Dave Hunt, Roger Oakland, Bill Koenig, John Higgins, and many others.

Last Days Bible Conference -- Messages from Bible Prophecy conferences with speakers such as Roger Oakland,. Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, and Tom McMann.

Master's College Chapel Messages -- John MacArthur and guests (see good messages on the Emerging Church.)

GOD’S POD – British Bible Teachers such as Tony Pearce

CALVARY CHAPEL COSTA MESA - Teaching ministry of Chuck Smith and THE WORD FOR TODAY

PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE RADIO ARCHIVE -- Host Don Stewart with Chuck Smith 

VIDEO ARCHIVE FROM HIS CHANNEL -  some good (such as Pastor's Perspective) and some questionable - Use discernment.

CALVARY CHAPEL CHINO HILLS – Pastor Jack Hibb’s messages – Look on the pull-down menu for audio messages from a variety of guest speakers

CALVARY CHAPEL PASADENA -- Pastor Xavier Ries' radio program, Simple Truths. Use pull-down menus for topics.

CALVARY CHAPEL PHILADELPHIA - The teaching of Joe Focht and guests

– David Hocking’s video messages
and his radio archives

SERMON INDEX – A mixed bag of teachers – interesting vintage messages

– Teaching ministry of Gary Gilley

MORIEL – The teaching ministry of J. Jacob Prasch

Raymond Stedman (1917 – 1992) Complete Audio Library

Berean Beacon -- Audio Messages Defending the Bible Against Catholicism

– Recommended: Larry Spargimino’s Interviews

UNDERSTAND THE TIMES – Radio shorts by Roger Oakland

– Vintage teaching of the late Walter Martin

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS – John Bunyan’s classic allegory dramatically presented

SAINTS ALIVE IN JESUS – Some interesting vintage audio messages from Ed Decker, Ron Carlson, Walter Martin & others

- J. Vernon McGee – His archives teachings

Critical Issues Commentary  - Radio program with Pastor Bob DeWaay who examines important current issues in the church in the light of the Scriptures.


AUDIO BIBLE - Audio Bible, the King James Version narrated by Alexander Scourby 


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