April 2, 2006

New Age Rage

I couldnít sleep last night so I decided to watch television at 2:00 am. As I was channel surfing I stopped at our local public television channel. The cable guide gave the name of the program, "Examining the Religious Far Right": a documentary. I stopped to listen to a conference speaker describing to his attendees the difference between Postmillennialism and Premillennialism. He told them that Postmillennialists who are Reconstructionists were the most dangerous in their politics because they promote the idea that America should be a Christian country and they should be the ones in control. But he added that there werenít enough of them to pose too great a threat. The bigger threat, he said, were the Dispensational Premillennialists because they have an "Armageddon Mentality."

He harangued against Christians for several minutes and said that it is important to understand their agenda in order to find ways to defeat them in the political arena. They are, according to this man, the biggest threat to liberty in America. He tried to explain how the "religious right" could believe that the rapture was immanent and still involve themselves in Republican politics. He concluded that the information he was sharing should raise a red flag to those concerned with the American way. He waved a red flag as he talked and then pulled a magicianís trick and instantly changed the flag into a magicianís magic wand. The audience responded with a collective "ooh, aah."

As they switched speakers, I pushed the "info" button on my cable remote control. It read, "The world view of fundamentalism churchgoers, their influence in contemporary political culture and their agenda." The narrator explained that the conference took place in New York City in May of 2005.

The next two speakers were professors, apparent Testosterone -impaired atheists, who focused in on what they called "fundamentalism" and made the claim that Jewish, Christian, and Islam fundamentalism all shared certain characteristics. But the focus of the conference was what they called the "lunatic fringe" of the Republican Party. The camera would frequently pan the audience, and as each speaker spewed out hatred for Christianity, most responded enthusiastically, laughing hysterically at all the put-downs on Christians these clever speakers could come up with. But there were a scattered remnant in the audience that didnít look amused.

A common agreement among the speakers was that the "Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins was the biggest weapon in the "Religious Rightís" arsenal. The crowd was horrified to hear that after 9/11, the sales of "Left Behind" books had skyrocketed. They blamed those novels on the current epidemic in apocalypticism Ė a new term they coined.

Religious Left

When the atheists were done speaking, they introduced a couple of liberal "Christian" traitors, Joseph Hough Jr., President of Union Theological Seminary and Robert W. Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches (NCC). Hough came out swinging away at the ludicrous notion of taking the Bible literally. He said, "I donít know what John was smoking when he wrote this thing," referring to the book of Revelation. He referred to the "apocalyptic frenzy" of the "Religious Right" and how that played into foreign affairs in a pro-Israel way. The so-called "Christians" were much more hate-filled than the atheists were. He blamed those who believe in Bible prophecy for causing all the division in the church and told the crowd how the Bible should be interpreted allegorically and metaphorically. To him it is a heresy to take the Bible literally.

The NCC leader began his talk by saying that he is among the church-goers who LaHaye says will be left behind. He was very hostile toward Evangelicals and shouted, "We can be silent no more. We must stand up and speak out."

After them, a feminist author, Karen Armstrong, who wrote "The Battle for God," came out to warn that fundamentalism is a global phenomenon. She insisted that all fundamentalism Ė Jewish, Islamic and Christian -- are fear-based. She compared the belief in the rapture to the 9/11 suicide bombers. Donít ask me how she managed that stretch, but she had to incorporate fear-mongering to do so. She lamented that the "Religious Right" is closed to new avenues of spirituality.

As the one-hour documentary came to a close, I wrote down the URL that was posted behind the speakerís podium. It was www.opencenter.org. I looked it up and then it all came clear. There was a hidden agenda for this "political conference." The sponsor was New Age "college" called Open Center in New York City. Nothing in their on-line catalogue has anything whatsoever to do with politics. According to the website, their classes are in "Yoga Teaching, Holistic Nursing, Feng Shui, Personal & Professional Coaching, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity, Homeopathy, and more!"

Their only motive for discrediting the church politically was to shut the mouths of Christians who discredit their merger of spiritism and medicine. That feminist speaker who slammed Christians for not being open to new spiritualities was the only one who let it slip. She seemed to be the maddest of the whole group.

I canít help but see this though the eyes of Bible prophecy. If we are being marginalized by anti-Christian forces now, is it any surprise that during the coming Tribulation, they will kill believers? That blood-thirst is just simmering under the surface.


Dear Heavenly Father, how the heathen rage. Give your people wisdom in turning away the wrath of those who hate us without cause. Protect your sheep from stumbling into the traps of new age psychotechnologies that are nothing but sorcery. Put your words in our mouths when we are called upon to make a defense for the faith against the ideologies of false brethren in the National Council of Churches and other apostate groups. Help us to speak the truth in love that we may win some over to the truth. Strengthen us and equip us for the challenges ahead. We give you all the praise and glory, in Jesusí name. Amen!



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