December 10, 2005

America: The Tower of Babel Revisited

The recent TBN chastisement of broadcaster Hal Lindsey for speaking the truth about Islam (see The Tyranny of TBN article); the news stories that all mention of Jesus is being taken out of Christmas (and even Christmas being taken out of Christmas and renamed "holidays"); God-talk being suppressed throughout the world; have all led me to ask the question, "Is America being conditioned and controlled by a diabolical force?"

Today in America it is unpopular to bring up the name of Jesus unless it is used as a curse word. This really isnít new, except that recently some professing Christians are giving in to the pressure. The Emerging Church movement has risen in an effort to try and fit Christianity into the popular culture. It appears that the spirit of the age is influencing this worldliness that is infiltrating fellowships of believers globally and resulting in a transformation of Christians into lukewarm pew-warmers.

In the workplace, if an employee puts Bible verses on their computerís screen-saver or anywhere else visible to others, that person risks being ostracized by their co-workers. Christians are being pushed into the closet and silenced with the possibility of losing their job or influence. And sadly, many believers are falling prey to the pressure and keeping their Christianity a secret.

In the past 25 years or so America has had exponential growth in the number of immigrants from non-Christian countries who have brought in their diverse religions. This is very obvious here in California where new arrivals from places like India, Pakistan, and various Arab and Asian countries are not assimilating into American culture, but are creating ethnic neighborhoods where they can retain their cultural and religious beliefs and customs. And the political pressure on American citizens is to accept the newcomersí various religions with open arms or risk being labeled a bigot. Weíre told to "celebrate diversity" and to do that weíre pressured to accommodate the new religions by taking Christianity out of its historic place of honor so as not to offend any polytheists or even atheists for that matter.

For those of us who study Bible prophecy, it isnít hard to see where all of this is heading. The spirit of antichrist is hard at work in all arenas to win the souls of men over to his plan for uniting humankind under his rule and authority. It is the undoing of the Tower of Babel by creating a one-world religion, one-world government, and global economy with the devilís agent at the helm. Here in America, a country that is made up of immigrants from all the countries of the planet, all the peoples of the earth now have a common language, English. They are all being educated by the same institutions of higher learning. And they are all joining together to further science and technology to advance humankindís place in the universe.

When this happened on the plain of Shinar, God saw it as the evil it was and confused the languages and scattered man across the earth. Now God is looking down and seeing the same situation, but there is no place on the earth in which to scatter them. Now literally the entire earth is filled with corruption and therefore judgment is looming at the door. No local judgment will do, as in the day of Lot. All thatís left is the global judgment of fire to which Almighty God has already sentenced a Christ-rejecting world.

2 Peter 3:7 Ė "But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men."

Heavenly Father, thank You for watching over us and revealing Your truth to us. Thank You for Your promise to keep us from that hour of testing that is coming upon the world. We bless You and stand in awe of You that You have revealed these things to Your servants, the prophets, and we take comfort knowing that Youíre in control. May You continue to reveal those truths to us through Your Word and strengthen us for whatever lies ahead. By Your grace, give us the strength to not grow faint as we face the temptations to downplay Your truth in an effort not to offend. May the offense of the cross be our bulwark in these perilous times. Hurry back, Lord Jesus. Amen.


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