August 1, 2006

A Revival of Necromancy

The recently reported activities at this summer’s Cornerstone Festival (see eye-witness report by Dwayna Litz of Lighting The Way International) that celebrated the Day of the Dead and glorified Halloween in their avant-guard Imaginarium, has left me bewildered. What is the appeal of celebrating death and zombies to old-guard "apologists" like John Morehead, Jon Trott, and Gretchen Passantino? Why would these "church people" participate in activities that would give sport to the devil? I mean, to go so far as to place Bob Passantino’s name on the head of a skull in a way to memorialize him? I mean, come on now!!

As repugnant as this is to those of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The sponsor of the festival, Jesus People USA, have a history of encompassing the lowest forms of our culture right into their own "Christian" commune. In fact, their whole idea of a "commune" heralds back to the 1960s hippie rebellion. It certainly wasn’t inspired by the book of Acts.

JPUSA defender, Mike Hertenstein, praised the speakers for their participation and slammed the Christians who tried to warn unwary souls away. On JPUSA’s website he reported, "In addition to John Morehead's discussion of symbols and ceremonies, Gretchen Passantino-Coburn took on the urban myths about Halloween in the Imaginarium's all-out effort to reclaim one of the singlemost coolest nights of the year — not from the witches, but from those who just don't get how cool it is to wrap toilet paper around your head and shuffle across the floor moaning like the undead. As it was, the Day of the Dead program in the Imaginarium actually made specific mention in a flyer being handed out by some protestors outside the Cornerstone Festival gate — so we must have definitely been on to something!"

Jon Trott, JPUSA’s Cornerstone Magazine’s editor, in the past has resorted to real mafia style intimidation of anyone who has truthfully criticized his commune. The truth of the matter is that JPUSA has a long trail of hurt people who have left the commune and some have even had to be deprogrammed to recover from the abuses.

John Morehead has openly adopted the worst elements of the Emerging Church and has shown open hostility to any who oppose the false teachings of its leaders. He admits having an interest in the macabre.

Gretchen Passantino is a high-church Lutheran who has always been soft on Catholicism and has been a bad influence in this direction on other apologists. In fact, the Passantinos have even been guests on Catholic Answers Live, a radio ministry of Catholic Answers of whom Karl Keating is founder and president. Apparently it didn’t bother the Passantinos to promote Keating even though his life’s work is teaching Catholics how to defend the false teachings of Rome against Bible-believing Christians they pejoratively refer to as "Fundamentalists."

On the August 7, 2000 program, Gretchen told the Catholic listening audience, "We or Catholic Answers or anybody at Catholic Family Radio should be able to point you towards resources that would be helpful to you." And her husband named some famous Catholic "apologists" as a resource for the audience. At the close of the program she told the host, "Thank you; it was a blessing and we love Catholic Family Radio and we listen to it all of the time."

Perhaps the Lutherans’ ecumenical talks with the Roman Catholic Church has left Gretchen predisposed to turning a blind eye to Rome’s mystical elements. Gretchen and her late husband Bob wrote a book "When the Devil Dares Your Kids" but now she seems to have joined the enemy’s ranks by assisting the devil to dare the kids attending Cornerstone Festival. 

And truly this event was an ecumenical exercise that went further than most. The recent trends in the Emerging Church to adopt the Romish practices from the Middle Ages, ie: the use of "sacramentals" such as icons, incense, candles, and prayer beads, has led to the next step: necromancy.

One dictionary has this definition: Necromancy (Latin necromantia, Greek νεκρομαντία nekromantía) is a form of divination in which the practitioner seeks to summon the spirits of the dead in order to gain knowledge of future events from them. These spirits are called Operative Spirits and Spirits of Divination. The word derives from the Greek νεκρός nekrós "dead" and μαντεία manteía "divination."

The Romish church has a long history of strange attachments to dead things. Every RCC building has to have the relics of a dead saint under its altar. That comes in the form of old pieces of cloth, fingernail clippings, pieces of hair or more often old bones. It was just a matter of time before the ecumenical movement sunk that low.

This sort of sanctifying of relics works its way out in the life of a Roman Catholic, and subsequently those who follow this dead man’s path. Just visit a Catholic cemetery and listen to the living speaking right to the grave markers as if the dead loved one can hear them. Or visit a Catholic shrine and watch the pilgrims lovingly stroke the bigger-than-life statue of a saint and then put their hand to their mouth and kiss it.

Some Catholic traditions related to Necromancy that are finding a home in the ecumenical movement, the Emerging Church and youth festivals are: Prayers to the Dead (formal & informal, i.e. official prayers & praying to loved ones at gravesites), Prayers for the Dead, Adoption of Patron Saints, and sanctification of relics that include body parts.

We need to keep an eye on this evil trend and warn our young people to stay off that twisted road that leads to occult bondage.



Matt. 23: 27-28  "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.  Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity."


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