October 22, 2005
Welcome to my first installment of "Reflections" on my new webpage I’ve called "Apostasy Alert." I named my new website after my first newsletter in the mid-1980s, the "New Age Alert." Back then, many in the church were concerned about the encroachment of the secularized interest in eastern mysticism that was infiltrating Evangelicalism. I added my voice to those who were trying to sound the alarm and wake up the sleeping virgins. But now it seems the new age movement has won the victory over all of Christendom and so the alarm must now be sounded to alert individuals who have ears to hear. The formation of the Harlot Church prophesied in the Bible is now in full swing and no one can stop that avalanche. However, as Jude told us – we can snatch some from the fire – and that’s what I hope to do with this website.

I am still going to be writing news stories for the Christian Sentinel website that my husband and I founded, but that is more of a Christian journalism genre. I would like this website to be a personalized connection to other believers who are discerning that Christendom is metamorphosing into a unified Judas incarnate. After all, how can people say they love Jesus and yet embrace teachings that deny Him and misrepresent Him to the world? Only a traitor to the Lord could do that.

But there is always a remnant of uncompromising people of God in every rebellious generation. We can utilize the Internet to connect with each other. It is not surprising that we are scattered all over the earth while we’re waiting for our Bridegroom to gather us from the four corners. We’re all going through similar things such as trying to find a fellowship of believers who are not chasing after all the latest erroneous fads that blow through the church; or a pastor who loves the flock and chases off wolves when they come in looking for a feast. And we need to balance that with the Bible’s admonition not to "forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching" Heb. 10:25.

So, visit often and if the Lord is putting anything on your heart please share it.

Lord Jesus, give us hearts to love what you love and hate what you hate and wisdom in how to express those things to others. Encamp your angels around those who love you and send reinforcements where necessary. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with other members of your true bride and keep us supplied with oil for our lamps until we meet You in the air at Your coming. Even so, Lord come soon! Amen!

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