Taking the Earth's Pulse

by Scott Brisk

Sometimes a quick dose of secular music is like taking the earth's pulse. The music reflects where we are just like current events line up with prophecy. (This is part of what the Lord has shown me and has had me as a watchman pay attention to over the years. I don't necessarily endorse listening to these bands or this type of music)

There is a particular genre of Rock music particularly popular in America that has grown to be called "Jam Band" music. This started in the 1960's with The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers and has grown into a huge success with more recent bands such as Phish, The Dave Mathews Band and The Black Crowes. 

One group that has been around for over fifteen years but has remained more "underground" is a group called Widespread Panic. A fellow manager at work passed on a live concert CD of theirs the other day and I listened to it and my spirit was immediately stirred. The music itself was in a major key, quite happy sounding, sort of a bluegrass/rock feel with excellent musicianship on all instruments. The song was called "Ain't Life Grand" and though the lyrics were worldly in the sense that they talked about the day in the life of an ordinary person, there were no bad words, and nothing even remotely foul in the lyrics. 

I was thinking, why is my spirit so stirred to the point of trouble? Then it hit me. This is exactly where the world is at, going through their day, nothing really out of the ordinary, as in the days of Noah, singing a happy song. But what is coming? WIDESPREAD PANIC! I realized the name of the band said it all. That is what is coming to those who don't know Christ and to the backslidden church and to the Jonathans who won't get out of the bad churches. The trouble I felt in my spirit was WIDESPREAD PANIC and the fact that it is coming on this earth very soon.

The time for salvation is now. The time to get prepared is now. The time to get out of that bad church is now. The time to stop making excuses is now. The time to start telling others about what is coming is now.

For Jesus' sake the time is NOW!


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