Earl Paulk Exposed by CNN
The most recent lawsuit filed against TBN regular Earl Paulk alleging sexual misconduct was featured on CNNís Paula Zahn Now program on January 19, 2006. CNN correspondent David Mattingly interviewed the former church soloist of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, Georgia, Mona Brewer who, along with her husband Bobby, filed suit against Paulk and his church in August, 2005. This is one of many victims that have surfaced and alleged that Paulk had molested them, including a woman who had been molested by Paulk since the age of 7, according to the July 2001 edition of Charisma magazine.

On Thursdayís report on CNN, Mona Brewer painted a pitiful picture of how she was conditioned to obey her pastor who goes by the title of Archbishop Earl Paulk. She had been a singer and member on the worship team in his church for ten years before Paulk made his move.

"I was just overwhelmed, because that was such a great opportunity," Brewer said to Mattingly, recalling her elation at the invitation to see Paulk in his office. It was an opportunity to spend time with the man she considered a prophet and a mouthpiece for God. "Nobody got to do that. I mean, he was awesome. I mean, everybody wanted to talk to him. And he just invited me to his office to talk to him for a few minutes. And that was really incredible."

"He said, Ďwell, I guess you will just have to take your clothes off, because I'm going to have to love you.í Whoa. And I thought, oh, God. You know, I didn't want to do it, but what choice did I have? I mean, I have been taught for all these years not to question him. And I had this word from God. I mean, God obviously wanted me to do this. And it was so foreign to me, but I -- I didn't know what else to do. I was on the spot. So, I took off my clothes, and we did it."

She went on to explain how she was at his beck and call for sexual services for the next fourteen years. Paulk shared her with members of his family and visiting charismatic preachers. Paulk excused his behavior with his own personal theology called "Kingdom Relationships." Brewer explained: "Because he said, Ďyou know, the adultery issue was for the little ones.í It was for the -- the people, the, you know, commoners. It wasn't for people who God elevated and trusted with special things like this, relationships like this. And that's the way he explained it to me."

Paulk denies the allegations and has filed a countersuit against Brewer  accusing her and her husband of slander. Paulkís attorney brushed off the lawsuit as merely an attempt to get money out of him. "The attorney claims it was Mona who seduced Paulk and only on one or two occasions. He says Paulk has openly confessed this to his congregation and he suggests that the Brewer's lawsuit is driven by money."

Another alleged victim in this lawsuit told a similar story to CNN. "Cindy Hall is also a married former member of the Chapel Hill Harvester Church, who claims to have also been manipulated by Paulk for ten years into performing sometimes twice daily sexual acts with him and occasionally other men and women," Mattingly reported. Hall recalled how Paulk would even pray over her during the act and make it look like something holy she was doing for God.

The program ended with the story of how when Mona Brewer finally wised up she told her husband who then confronted both Earl and his brother Don Paulk and punched both of them in the face. Graphic close-up shots of Earl with two black eyes and Don with a cut and swollen lip finished the feature.

"And Mona Brewer and Cindy Hall say they hope that by telling their stories, others will come forward from the church," Paula Zahn concluded. "The church, meanwhile, continues to hold regular services and no court date has yet been set."

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(Continued from column one)

February, the 27th, this year, 2005 Ė God is raising up a people, a new generation who will transcend Ė say transcend (people repeat) race, color, and economics. Transcend! Darling, there is no place, as Andy Young said, thatís seeking that more than this house and God sees it. There is no solution to the worldís problems by armed fare. Itís not Ė thereís no solution by warfare. I wanna say it again, you will never solve the problems in the Middle East; youíll never solve the problems in Jerusalem; youíll never solve the problems anywhere in the world by armor, by warfare, youíll not do it. (applause) Itís going to be solved when the seed of Abraham comes together. Who is the seed of Abraham? Itís the Christian, the Muslim, and the Jew. (delayed response) Are you hearing what Iím saying? (badgers the crowd)

Iíve had a Muslim to call me this week and a Jewish lady. And they said, we Ė the Muslim and the Jew Ė are going to have a luncheon and weíre going to invite some political people and business people in just to say just how much we appreciate you, Bishop Paulk Ė the Muslims and the Jews. Where were the Christians? The Muslims and the Jews (laughter). I hope youíre listening, dig your ears out a little bit and say, "God, I need to hear this!" Darling, somethingís happening. The trajectureís (sic) going to turn around and youíre going to see that when the seed of Abraham comes together, war is no more and the king can come back to the Earth (hoots & hollers from crowd).

The final prophecy I refer to -- one of the prophets came and said theyíll come a time when theyíll come in one way sick and weary and go out another healed and blessed of the Lord. Youíre going to see that, darling! Great and wonderful miracles will take place. There will be Ė and who was it said Ė I believe it was Clarence McClendon said there will be a performance (he shouts) Ė say performance (crowd repeats obediently). God said itís time Iím gonna perform. Godís gonna act it out for us. Heís found us in our weakness and heís gonna say well now you canít brag on what you did, youíre gonna say look what God has done for us (crowd: amen Ė shouts, applause). Come on, honey, get happy about that!

The new thing in all the prophetic utterances what God has given me, the timing of the Lord is now set. Before this next two years is over, my whole ministry depend upon this, theyíll be a performance, theyíll be a move of the spirit like weíve not seen before and Godís looking for the faithful few thatís got to prosper, you got to be blessed; the race is not to the swift, but itís to the faithful Ė itís to those who hang in there and say Iím gonna run the race. You know, the problem is a lot of folk donít like to identify with you when you get into problems. Who did Jesus identify with? Anybody got sense enough to tell me? Whoíd he identify with? Whatíd they call him? A wine-bibber. Friend of harlots. Heís a friend of tax collectors. Darlin, I want to tell you something. Godís gonna find some people that donít identify with ABC; they donít identify with television, they donít identify with the world, the newspaper, they identify with God who does the impossible in the midst of our situation (applause and hoots). It says in the fullness of time, in the fullness of time God brought Jesus. Iím going to tell you the fullness of time has come over this house. We got now three months to prepare like Abraham. Isnít that strange? (ha-ha-ha in audience). October, November, December. But what you gonna do? Three months to prepare and then the miracle starts happening and then the spirit starts to take over. I say get yourself ready!! Get ready!! Get ready!! (pounds on podium & stirs up the crowd) (yeah, applause).

You know what the spirit of the Lord said to me? He said Iím gonna let you just get down to the rock bottom. I mean the rock bottom. All the excesses are going. All those who donít have the guts to hang in there when the spirit is there is going to be rock bottom. But he said when you get to rock bottom Iím gonna "build you a rock, Jesus Christ (shouts of amen from crowd). Come on, get on your feet and praise God! (glory, glory" shouts audience over applause).


Brother Don takes center stage:

{Don Paulk tells the story of Gideonís 300 and how God had to purge the ranks of his army after talking about Davidís sin with Bathsheba yet was a man after Godís own heart.)

Perhaps thatís where we are right here at the Cathedral. God is looking for his Gideans 300. There will always be those who leave for one reason or another. There were always those who were afraid of the fight, who would break and run for cover. But when battles comes, they wouldnít be much help anyway. They would desert in the heat of battle. God needs people who are not afraid to fight. Remember, no one goes through life without a battle. You can run, but you canít hide. (applause)

Then there are those too busy burying their faces in the water satisfying their own flesh to be good soldiers. Paying tithes and giving offerings is more than they bargained for with God. They need that money for their boats and condos and things to heap on their own desires. The enemy can sneak up and them and attack them at will and defeat them without any resistance. . .

Then there are those who just donít want to get involved. They donít want to answer the questions the neighbors ask. Theyíre embarrassed. They forget that we as a church have stuck with so many people who have gone through embarrassing situations in life. If there is a trademark in this church it is that we have been a place of restoration, not only for members, but for so many preachers as well. I know. I was one of them. Some feel it might hurt their reputation in the community or hurt their business, so they go looking for a church where there is no fight. They even pick up a few more business contacts elsewhere. I already worked this crowd pretty good.

Ö(back to Gideon Ė at Midianís camp and then the 300 given torches and pitchers) Strange weapons, but the weapons we use are not carnal. God was the initiator of psychological warfare. (shouts & applause)Ö.

Now, this story was not placed in the Bible accidentally. It was placed there for times such as this. What can we learn from this story? Well, much of it is obvious. But in case you donít have a grasp for the obvious, let me recount some of the lessons we can learn from it today and draw some parallels for our own lives. Weíre Israel Ė the church. Weíre not perfect. We sin just like the heathen do. But the difference is we admit our sin and return to God and ask for his mercy and forgiveness. Then there are the Midianites and the Amelikites and the people of the East. Alert soldiers can figure out who those are. Their mission is to destroy Israel or the church. They worship their own gods of Baal and other strange gods like money and greed and avarice and violence and jealousy. These are their gods. They seek to destroy the church by any means possible, whatever it takes. And they have the numbers on their side. They have joined with the Amelikites and the people from the East. They round up all the people they can find to join up into a big army to defeat this church and this ministry. And they have vowed among themselves to destroy Israel. Some join them wittingly and others unwittingly.

But God has made a promise to Israel, his church. Heís promised to give us the heads of the Midianites and the Amelekites and the people from the East. God will defend and protect his church regardless of how big the army of Satan gathers because it is no match for God. (shouts of amen and applause).

Apparently, God looked at this church and said, theyíre too many people there. They arenít all here for the right reasons. Theyíre fair-weather Christians. And if we win the battle they will say, they did it in their own strength. So God sends those away that donít want to fight. Theyíre the first to go. Go on home. Watch your reality shows. You donít need to be where the real action is. You go back and play in the play-like world. Leave the battle to those who are ready and willing to take on the enemy. So a bunch left.

Then God says, still too many here. Letís see who is diligent. Who is going to get down on their knees and put their faces in the water and satisfy their own desires? Heíll weed out those who say, me is what counts Ė those who feel they have to take care of their own interests first. Then God looks around and sees you Ė the remnant, the fighters, the real soldiers who wonít break and run, that wonít bow their knee for anything or anybody. They keep their eyes open every minute watching for the enemy. The enemy will not sneak up on them. Thatís who God is looking forÖ

Okay. So we had this great big mega-church once. At one time we were called one of the ten largest churches in America. Letís say a church of 32,000 people like Gideon started off with. No, we didnít have quite that many, but we had a lot of people. But then all of a sudden, it wasnít seashells and balloons around here anymore. The race issue got in the way of some people and they ran as far away as they could. Couldnít handle it any longer. Then there was some sin in the camp and the people decided that they needed to find a church where there was no sin (laughter), so they started hopping around from church to church, shopping for the best offer. Last I heard most of them were still hopping looking for the perfect church (laughter gets louder in crowd).

ÖSo God is still getting his army down to its fighting weight. All that extra fat is being trimmed. Yeah, Iím telling you the real modern-day story of Gideon here Ė the 2005 version Ė different players, same plot. And with Godís help it will be the same result (people whooping & hollering Ė goes on for about a minute ovation). Well, the Midianites and the Amalekites and the people from the East are still coming to raid our fields. Theyíre camping right outside, waiting to overrun us with their hoards. Are we ready for them? But wait! Thereís more. This is not the end of the story. God sees a guy hiding away, rationing his wheat, trying to hide from the army of the Midianites. Well actually today he may be painting a vehicle in a body shop or working on his computer or teaching a class or doing security work or dispatching 18-wheelers or running a bulldozer, but God sees his soldiers. And God sends an angel to them and tells them that they are mighty men of valor. And when he gains his composure from laughing so hard, he hears that God is going to help him destroy his enemies. No, he doesnít need a big huge army. All he needs are a few who are willing and ready and not afraid to fight.

So weíre gathering our forces. They may be few in the eyes of the world but little is much when God is in it. We are surrounding the enemy. He thinks he has us outnumbered. Heís laughing at us, how heís gonna overwhelm us, but God always has the last laugh. (crowd: applause and shouts). The Bible says that God looks at his enemies in derision and the day is coming when we will sound the trumpet, shatter the pitchers, hold aloft our torches and cry out: "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!" In that hour, the enemy will be awakened from their stupor and will fall upon one another with their own swords and destroy one another. Those who survive will flee to the hills for their lives.

Okay, folks, Iíve just told you a Bible story. It may be updated, but it is still Bible. Do you really believe the Bible, or do you just think itís a book of fairy tales? I happen to believe that itís true and that these stories are given to us for direction and not just to entertain our kids in childrenís church. Folks, the church is in a fight and not only this church, but all churches that are fighting against Satan and trying to establish the Kingdom of God. As long as time lasts before Jesus comes to gather his bride, we will always be in a fight with Satan and his cohorts. So gird up your loins. Stand up. Be counted in Godís army. Are you ready to sound the trumpet? Are you ready for the battle? I ask the question today, who is on the Lordís side? If you are ready to fight in the Lordís army, I want you to stand on your feet and shout, the sword of the Lord and of Gideon, the sword of the Lord and of Gideon, (all shout and recite together then applause).


Earl Paulk with TBN favorite, Dottie Rambo

Commentary by Jackie Alnor

Christian leadership truly is partly to blame for this ongoing fiasco at Chapel Hill Harvester Church. And Trinity Broadcasting Networkís Paul and Jan Crouch bear the biggest portion of that guilt. Even after years of credible testimony from women who have been sexually exploited by the Paulks, TBN to this day links to Earl Paulk and airs his program and has him as a guest on Praise the Lord and the TBN Praise-a-thons.

TBNís list of programs on their website says "Each week Bishop Earl Paulk brings a powerful message of hope from his church The Cathedral at Chapel Hill. Bishop Paulk brings powerful insight into the word of God to lead the lost to Jesus Christ."

The Crouches no doubt hold to the same idea as Paulk that leaders do not have to live up to the same standard of morality as do the commoners. Last year the Los Angeles Times reported that Paul Crouch paid out almost half a million dollars to a man, Lonnie Ford, in exchange for him to keep quiet about an alleged homosexual affair he had with the founder of TBN. Also, a former assistant of Jan Crouchís has alleged that Jan has had a long-term romantic relationship with her bodyguard. She even reportedly used TBN money to buy him expensive gifts such as an antique Harley Davidson motorcycle and augmented her own body parts on his behalf. Others have come forward to confirm the Crouches pattern of immorality, including alcoholism, drug abuse, and conspicuous consumption Ė the witnesses are plentiful. But nobody in the church holds them accountable Ė they may lose their airtime on TBN and they wouldnít want to jeopardize that!

TBN seems to have made it a policy that if the media exposes any preacherís immoral activities, they give them their own program or host them on Praise. One TBN guest who was elevated after his immorality became known was a man who committed adultery and then dumped his Christian wife to marry the girl in his church he was romancing. TBNís online schedule has this description of this immoral manís program: "Take It By Force with Bishop Clarence E. McClendon -- By God's grace, Clarence E. McClendon Ministries is targeting the entire Southern California Basin - stewarding a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural 21st Century Church to raise a hedge of protection over our homes, our cities, our nation, and our world." This is the same man who prophesied over Paulkís cathedral (see Paulkís transcript on this page.)

Thereís nothing new under the sun!

Years ago Hal Lindsey challenged Earl Paulkís Kingdom Theology on TBNís Praise show with the cooperation of Paul Crouch and the resistance of his wife Jan. Jan has publicly defended Earl Paulk even claiming him as her own pastor. She bought into his heretical ideas of dominionist theology even though her husband resisted. Unfortunately, his wife eventually won him over and he joined her in "taking the kingdom by force."

Perhaps the immoral leaders who are in control of the biggest "Christian" network in the world find other immoral people for safety in numbers. And to them they add compromisers who donít go along with their wicked ways, but who like the benefit of giving their ministries a bigger donor base. Under such conditions of power in the hands of evil and wicked men and women, why should anything like the Earl Paulk scandal surprise us? The solid ministries that go along give them their credibility and are enablers of their sins.

What is so sinister about this is that these wicked leaders use their credibility to give others credibility and the problems are punctuated and all of Christianity gets tainted by it. For instance: TBN has given Earl Paulk a voice for over a decade and Jan Crouch has put her seal of approval on him. When a new kid comes on the block, he/she needs a seal of approval in order for the people to listen to him/her. This happened in the case of so-called prophetess Juanita Bynum (pictured below). She was new to the landscape, but got into Earl Paulkís favor and he presented her as a prophet to his church at Chapel Hill. Then she got the attention of TBN who found that she was a good money-raiser.

During the Fall Praise-a-Thon on November 6, 2003, Paulk instructed the TBN viewers to obey Bynum, who ordered people to empty their checking accounts, in exchange for a cloth that she would walk upon. "Before Juanita leaves, Iíve got to say this about the prophetess. A few weeks ago I was really earnestly seeking the face of God. The Lord said to me that there would be some unusual deaths and I watched two teenagers at our church go up; I watched a lady go down to an altar by television and kill the pastor. And that was unusual. I kept saying, ĎGod, what is going to be so unusual to touch people around the world?í Tonight when you (Juanita) started out, I felt like the cold water of the Holy Ghost just poured over me. This is that unusual miracle and if you hear what God is saying tonight, this isnít some just play thing. And if you will respond to what God is saying, wherever this cloth has been and the Bible has said, Ďthey took their garments, some of them, handkerchiefs, and said to folk, "This is not something unusual or something we have never heard about.í But itís unusual for this day for a prophetess to walk on some cloth and send it out to you. I suggest you donít wait. God is speaking to you tonight...í"

And though I appreciate the fact that Charisma magazine publicized Paulkís immorality since 2001, they still promote Juanita Bynum and publish her books and advertise them. When marketing the church, it all comes down to power and money.

Now there is a group in Georgia calling themselves "Christians Who Care" who are collecting signatures on a petition apologizing to Paulkís victims for not taking them seriously before it got this far. One of their proclamations reads:


  • To all who have been betrayed, victimized, abused, and wounded by sexually inappropriate actions of Earl Paulk, or others, we repent for looking the other way, for tolerating such depravity among one set apart as a minister of the Gospel of Christ. We repent for being afraid to get involved in helping bring the truth of what has been happening for a long time into the light while the media exposed and mocked what we should have seen and handled by the authority of Christ in the Church.


  • We declare as heresy all teachings that state, either blatantly or by implication - in private or in public, that it is acceptable for anyone to satisfy the sexual needs of a 'minister' of the gospel of Jesus Christ, or that it would be pleasing to God for a person to participate in such sinful behavior. This includes all teachings that introduce and/or propagate relationships known to be called such terms as 'spiritual connections,' 'spiritual marriages,' or 'kingdom unions' and are clearly outside the boundaries of Biblical Christianity and are not to be tolerated.

But before you join in or rejoice over this, youíll see that these are people totally immersed in deception. The site links to Daystar International Christian Fellowship pastored by Johnny Enlow, a man who used to attend Paulkís church. "Johnny began to hear about what God was doing in the Toronto Airport Vineyard in 1995 and decided to go check it out, his wife wrote in the history of the church page of their website. "God did in moments there in His powerful presence, what counseling for years could have never done."

These caring Christians are those who operate in mysticism and the false teachings of "Kingdom Now" that caused these problems in the first place. They link to the worst of the worst of the false prophets such as the "Elijah List" Ė a network of todayís most evil false prophets. And they even offer a personal reading for those who come to their Friday night events:

"You're Invited! Friday nights at 7:30 pm. Not a typical church meeting! Come experience great music, a casual "coffeehouse" atmosphere, and receive a new kind of "spiritual reading. Our experienced teams will ask God to reveal specific insight about your hopes and desires in a free 15 minute personal session. You will leave convinced that God truly knows you and is intricately involved in your life."

That should put up a red flag for any discerning believer.

This awful condition of todayís church should come to no surprise to Bible believers. We were aptly warned:

" But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among youÖ And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemedÖBy covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive wordsÖThey are spots and blemishes, carousing in their own deceptions while they feast with you, having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls. They have a heart trained in covetous practices, and are accursed children" (2 Peter 2:1-3; 13-14).

Weíve seen these people throughout history that have come in among us. The pattern is easy to spot. Immoral lives goes along with false doctrines. Paulk provided sex kittens for his preacher friends just like John Wesley Fletcher provided such a one for Jim Bakker. David Koresh convinced his followers that since he was their prophet only his DNA was good enough to propagate so he serviced all the women in the Branch Davidians. Catholic priests for years have gotten into many a womanís bed after hearing of her weaknesses in the confessional. Other Catholic priests have victimized young altar boys and used their authority over them as a wedge into their efforts to resist.

And itís any wonder why people are leaving churches in droves in search of the few who have not bowed their knee to Baal.



Part of Chapel Hill Harvester Churchís doctrinal statement reads:

I BELIEVE that the Kingdom of God is built in trust and that the strategy of the Kingdom is love.

I BELIEVE that God will destroy the destroyer of the earth.

I BELIEVE that I must fulfill the assignment given to me by Jesus: to infiltrate world systems, as salt and light, with the communication and demonstration of the principles of God's kingdom.

I BELIEVE in the holy universal Church built upon Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone, the foundation being the Apostles and the Prophets.



If you read between the lines of the transcripts and the doctrinal statement above, you will see the kind of rhetoric Paulk continues to use to put himself up over the people who must not question him.  

From Paulkís website two days after CNN program aired:

Here is a partial transcript of Archbishop Earl Paulkís message that he delivered to his church in October 2005 that he has featured on his website:

"Prophets have come from around the world for the last 45 years and spoken into the life of this church, whether it be from Africa, or whether it be from the Islands or whether it be from the North Country, words have come to us. The one thing, however, that has not come to us has been the timing of the Lord. To my knowledge, there have been short seasons when somebody would say God will do something within the next 90 days or so, but so far as there be a timing of the Lord for the fulfilling of many of the promises has been in this house, thereís not been to my knowledge a time set.

I was sitting here last Sunday morning when Pastor Don was speaking and the spirit of the lord came upon me, I mean really came upon me and said this is the time of fulfillment. And the years of 2006 and 2007, there will be the fulfillment of these promises thatís been in this house (applause). Now if youíre astute and been following this ministry, some time ago the Lord spoke to us that these would take place in a certain number of years and weíre now coming to the last two years of that set time. And while I did not conjure that up in my mind, I thought about it since that time that indeed, this is the timing of the Lord. Itís the time the word of the Lord has come to me and said during the next two years Ė 2006 and 7 Ė that we would see the fulfillment of prophecy over this house and over you, over the people. (Goes to Genesis 17 and reads the story of Abraham at 99 years old when God made a covenant with him to make him a father of many nations.)

Ö Read on. And Abraham said to the Lord, "Oh, that Ishmael might live before you." Now I want you to get this. Donít miss this, please. Abraham said "Iíve already got a son, itís not by Sarah my wife, itís by a handmaiden." I want you to open your heart and understand because thereís a lot of houses that couldnít bear what Iím going to say today, but I want you to hear it. He said why donít you let Ishmael who was born out of wedlock? The woman that Sarah brought to me that I had a son by her, why donít you let him stand before you? Why do we have to have another child? (reads on about Isaac being the promised child, while Ishmael with be great and control the oil.)

ÖBut my covenant Ė say "my covenant" (people repeat) I will establish with Isaac whom Sarah shall bear to you at this set time Ė say "set time" (people repeat). Now for the first time, God is saying heís got a set time and I want you to get it. (Talks about the circumcision of his whole family as a sign of the covenant.)

ÖNow in that impossible situation (Sarah bearing a child in her old age), we move from the flesh to the spirit. Darling, if youíre going to depend on the flesh, it looks bad at timesÖ.Weíre past the flesh and weíre moving into the spirit realm where Godís just about to move in promises like weíve never seen before (applause and "amens" from female voices in the audience)Ö.Now get this and write it down in your heart if you donít put it down on a piece of paper or get the CD, If itís not impossible in the flesh, it is not a promise of God (shouts of "oh yeah" from ethnic females in the crowd & applause). Okay, say that back to me. You gotta hear itÖ

Honey, if you would do what Iím telling you to do today and believe God is speaking in your life and you make a vow with God, you make a new covenant with God in your heart, and you can say in your heart I know that God will not fail his promise, if you do what youíre supposed to do, you obligate God to fulfill a promise. (Amen!) I said you obligate God to fulfill a promise (applause). Darling, Iím living on that. Iím not living on what Iíve done for 78 years. Iím not living on the strength that I conjured up playing tennis or exercising, Iím living today cause God made some promises and Iím doing what Iím supposed to do and Iím telling you God will fulfill those promises (applause.)

ÖGodís not playing games with us. Honey, God doesnít need ABC; he doesnít need CBS; he doesnít need the world to speak into our lives. What we need is stop and say God is in charge of this thing and youíre going to have a victory because you promised this house (he shouts and people respond loudly). Honey, if this doesnít get into your spirit, you ought not to be here today. Iím saying God is ready to move with us (shouts of amen Ė same ethnic woman). (quotes Hebrews 6:12 for more promise of promises.)

ÖFor three months he (Abraham) got out and exercised and said, God said itís gonna happen, I believe the promises of God. He got himself ready, and in the meanwhile he said Sarai, Sarah (shouts), get yourself ready, Iím coming at you like a bull thatís been out of the pen for a while (laughter from crowd). Godís promised it and Iím not going to waiver at it. I want you to get into this, honey, I want you to understand it. This was not a fleshly sexual thing, this was a promise of God that didnít need to be involved in sex, it was a thing that God was doing. (applause) Are you hearing what Iím saying? Itís in impossible circumstances that the spirit moves. I can hear old Abraham when he limps into the room (same woman laughs loudly). Sarah, Iím not what I used to be, but I can tell you one thing, I got a promise of God (Amen! Shouts lady) And the promise of God is stronger than the flesh (shouts from ethnic females) and I can tell you little lady, weíre not going to go by the flesh in this thing, we may act it out, but itís almighty God that says Iím going to make a nation and God is able abundantly more than I can ask or think (he shouts and people hoot and holler) and thank God, weíll accomplish it. My God can do it!!!

When the Lord brought this to me, you know I just needed to hear it. I got to thinking Ė and Iíll be honest with you, the promises that were made over me, I think God did you make these promises, or did some of these fellows come in here that thought you know theyíd get a little extra money or something for coming if theyíd prophesy over me? And the Lord says no, the promises that have been made are some that I have made to you and now the time of fulfillment is coming and you may feel youíre still in impossible circumstances but I always fulfill promises when the circumstances are impossible.

Now let me tell you before I bring Pastor Don up here to put the cap on this. Youíll see how they fit together. We didnít plan it. Weíre brothers. I mean weíre really brothers, but we donít connive together on what to do. He didnít know he was going to do this. I said, all right now thatís the epilogue, Iím going to do the prelogue (sic) today. Listen to this.

Let me just tell you a few promises on this house. How many of you remember the promises that have been made over me? Anybody remember them? What are some of them? (shouts) Somebody said Iím supposed to be playing tennis at 90. That means 12 years to go (laughter). And honey, in the flesh Ė what? (female voice unintelligible) And the next thing the prophet said was that I could not die until Iíd birth a new generation that was dead now. Honey, weíve birthed churches all over the world. Weíre going to birth a generation thatís Godís generation to see the coming of the Lord. (shouts and applause)

October the 12th 2003, David Huskin said that weíd raise up another generation from the dead and they would touch the world. Honey, itís in the making. Itís not the old wine skins. A lot of folk canít handle it is in the midst of what we call impossible circumstances, Godís gonna raise up a generation. And I said also, in prophesying myself, that the solution for the future is not going to come from old folk, itís going to come from young folk like your fire brand that gets on fire for God and starts listening for God (whoops, hollers, and applause).

Let me tell you what Tommy Reid said October the first, the year 2000. This is over the church which means over you. How many know the church canít prosper unless you do? You know that? (Yes shouts women in crowd). Hereís what Tommy Reid said, "The time is coming shortly when the indebtedness on this church and this property will be totally eradicated (Amen! Hallelujah Ė applause Ė crowd). Honey, there is nothing that looks more impossible to the flesh than that. Just look around (chuckle), just look around Ė nothing more impossible to the flesh than that, but Iíve got news for you, if God said it, Godís gonna do it. (shouts & applause). I said, if God said it, Godís gonna do it, and thereís going to be some folk thatís hanging around that will have to prosper Ė honey, youíre gonna have to prosper in order to eradicate the debt. Youíre gonna have to prosper; youíre gonna have to find solutions, and through you God will bring the solution. (applause)

(continued in next column)


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