October 24, 2006

Jane Fonda: On the Wrong Side Again

Actress Jane Fonda is probably best remembered from her anti-Vietnam activism in the 1960s, especially the news footage of her cavorting with the Vietcong behind enemy lines. She has since apologized for her youthful indiscretion, but it seems as though she hasn’t really learned her lesson. It appears she is again cavorting behind enemy lines, this time against the kingdom of God. Christians have been speculating about Fonda’s standing as a believer in Christ ever since her marriage to television mogul Ted Turner broke up reportedly due to her new found faith. Well, it turns out that her Jesus is the different sort of Jesus as found in the Gnostic gospels.

Fonda and her long-time friend, feminist Gloria Steinem, share a love for the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, an unbiblical and heretical early manuscript that promotes the idea that Jesus was not the unique Son of God, God in human flesh.  Wikipedia reports that:

"The Gospel of Thomas is mystical and emphasizes a direct and unmediated experience of the Divine through becoming a Christ. In Thomas v.108, Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him." Furthermore, salvation is personal and found through introspection. In Thomas v.70, Jesus says, 'If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not bring it forth, what you do not have within you will kill you.' As such, this form of salvation is idiosyncratic and without literal explanation."

Here is a partial transcript of the Charlie Rose interview with Jane Fonda & Gloria Steinem, co-founder "Ms." Magazine. It aired October 24, 2006 (not sure if it was a rerun).

JF – A lot of the people that I’m thinking about right now…Christians who resent the fact that Christianity has been politicized so much and they want to get rid of that. They want to not feel self-conscious when they say they are Christians…because you can be evangelical environmentalists and be against sex trafficking and be for all kinds of things that are considered, you know, liberal which used to be a bad word because it was too centrist, but anyway, um, a lot of that. A lot of growing awareness that we’ve alienated so much of the world and feeling bad because we love the country and we want to make it what we want to love again and that kind of thing.

CR -- Correct me if I’m wrong. You have come to embrace religion in your life in the last 10, years, more so than ever…

JF- Faith. I’ve embraced faith.

CR – So how has it transformed your life?

JF – It has – the empty place in the center of my being, that I used to fill with anxiety or addictions and things, is now filled with, um, spirit, faith, reverence. It feels so good. I hate to put a name on it."

CR – Okay, but is Jesus a central part of this?

JF – Uh-huh, yeah, but – how did we get on this subject? The gospel of Thomas…. Has become – is very important for me right now. In case you don’t know what it is – it was not included in the Bible because of decisions of men in the third century….It’s a Gnostic gospel that’s got 21 sayings that apparently Jesus said directly, right there. And the 14th – and they’re riddles – and what Jesus said was, if you can understand these riddles, you will enter the kingdom of heaven. And it’s really all about – it’s all here (points to heart). It’s all in us. It’s all here. There’s no mystery, you just have to allow yourself to see what’s real. And then the 14th statement says, ‘when men become women, and women become men, and outer becomes inner, and inner becomes outer, you will enter the kingdom of heaven. And that in particular has fascinated me, what that means.

GS – And that’s why they left it out of the Bible.

JF – (laugh) Yo, hello?

GS – It’s wonderful. I recommend everyone to read the gnostic gospels because it is arguably much more what Jesus probably said because they were written down within a century of his death.

JF – Closer to his death

GS – And then buried until the 60s I believe. And he never said he was the son of God. He said he was a teacher.

CR – He never said that? In Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, none of them ever said he was the son of God?

GS – He said everyone can come to God on their own. What survives in the Bible about that is that the kingdom of God is within you. That’s still there. It was as if over time, if I may say so, the church heirarchy kinda said to themselves, well, if you’ve got a guy that says everyone can come to God through – on their own – you’ve got nothing to franchise. You know, we need to create a person who said I am the way and the light and only through me can you come to the father – which was created much later. So it’s fascinating.

CR -- So are you a believer as well?

GS – Am I a believer? Well, I am not a monotheist, let’s put it that way (chuckle). I don’t think Jesus was a monotheist either. I think there is the whole idea that there is an essence of god in all living things, so it helps me as a writer to talk about spirituality rather than religion…

JF – But I was really fascinated how many people… when we talk this way to all sorts of people – all races, religions and both genders – respond to this and identify with it and want to praise that and not the politicization of Christianity.

GS – And also I would say the misuse of Islam – the biggest matrilineal egalitarian balanced peaceful society on earth, I believe, of 3 million people is in Indonesia… and it’s Moslem.

CR – Although if you look in certain parts of the Middle East, women are clearly relegated to –

GS – I’m not making an argument. I’m just saying it’s used and superimposed on many things. I mean female genital mutilation is nowhere written in the Koran.

JF – We had lunch the other day with a woman from Egypt, and she said the Koran is…very respectful of women – women’s rights, human rights.

GS – [Mohammed] was a reformer for women in his day.

JF – Right.


A very sad element in this is Fonda and Steinem's apparent lost condition.  They do need to be kept in prayer, that they would meet the true Jesus and let go of the one they invented  And they even invented a new Mohammed -- one who reformed women's rights -- did he do that when he marred a nine-year old girl, adding her to his harem of wives?  These women are so deceived.

Gloria Steinem said in this interview that she wished she could be 50-years-old again and Charlie Rose asked her why.  "Well," she responded, "I just want a lot more years to do – I mean, I love it here, you know, I love this earth. I love the way orange juice tastes in the morning, and the sunshine and being able to be here with Jane and you, and I’m so interested in everything. So I just don’t want to think that there are not that many years left."

Unless she repents and receives salvation from the true Jesus, this world is all she has and her time is almost up.  She has nothing to look forward to but judgment.  The blood of innocent unborn babies killed in abortion clinics in America is on her hands since she dedicated her life in fighting for the right to snuff them out so that they never could enjoy the taste orange juice.  May God have mercy on her soul.


 "For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth" 
(2 Timothy 3:6-7).



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